End of year excursion

Another demanding work year in the books!

As a part of a company-wide year-end celebration, the whole NED-Project and NED-Project UA teams went on a two day excursion to hotel Kozi Gród.

First day was ran by HR Partner team with Daniel Demko at the helm, when the employees had an opportunity to showcase their hidden talents.
As it is often the case with engineers, what they found most appealing was the construction task using food products. Numerous additional attractions were also organised with the aim of integrating the multidisciplinary team.
After the time well spent on competitions and learning, it was time to relax at the pool, sauna or the bar – according to one’s preferences.

For the after party, CEO invited everyone to his suite where the accompanying music encouraged our future show business stars to debut their skills on the dancefloor.
The party turned out very fun and long-lasting, the most resilient attendees remained upright until dawn, when the morning light surprised them.

The following day began with a collective breakfast and was spent resting and revitalising.
It was nice to step away from the computers and spend this pre-Christmas time in good company.