NED-Project Christmas meeting

On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, the whole NED-Project team gathered at Christmas dinner. It was a great opportunity to summarize the rich in successes passing year, to take a look at the upcoming year 2017 and at the challenges it brings. An important part of the meeting were the nominations of employees to positions of Major Designers which recived: Patryk Sójkowski, Jacek Winiecki, Krzysztof Krakowski, Jacek Jażdżejewski, Janusz Nowicki, Przemysław Rduch and Łukasz Bruski. There were also honored employees engaged in the specjal way in the development of the NED-Project: Jacek Jażdżejewski, Jacek Winiecki, Bernard Mystkowski, Patryk Sójkowski, Stanisław Domagałło, Łukasz Bruski, Krzysztof Krakowski, Przemysław Rduch, Emanuela Reder and Agata Witucka. During this occasion we honoured prof. Andrzej Lerch – an excellent, longtime NED-Project`s desinger, who will soon retire. Once again, congratulations for all and happy holidays.

Categories 20/12/2016 13:30