NED-Project inspection at Bodo Constructor

NED-Project team has visited Poltramp Shipyard in Świnoujście to perform inspection at Bodo Constructor – a specjalistic offshore cable laying pontoon build for German shipowner Bohlen & Doyen GmbH, based on NED-Project design. This is biggest vessel of it`s kind to build and equiped in Poland. It will be used for offshore wind farm installation at Northern Sea.

Our crew – Mr. Patryk Sójkowski (project manager), Mr. Jacek Winiecki (outfitting) and Mr. Jacek Jażdżejewski (stablility analisys and calculations) performed detailed inspection at the vessel. Installation of propellers, mooring equipment, pump room and engine room equipment is finished, works on specjalistic calbe laying system are in progress as well as electric and piping systems.

Inclining tests will be performed soon and there is hard work for NED-Project team to prepare documentation but we know very good that only hard work based on experience and knowledge allows to succeed.