NED-Project sp. z o.o. was founded in 2010 – but its history had begun much earlier, in 1991, with Shipproject PPU, a company founded by our director Jerzy Pietrzak. Being an experienced naval architect himself, he had started to build a team of skilled designers and engineers. As they had continued working together, the team later became the backbone of the newly established NED-Project, a multidisciplinary design office. Today, our most experienced project designers and engineers transfer their knowledge to younger generations of specialists. It is through a combination of years of experience, fresh ideas and continuous development that we design cutting-edge units and provide high-quality services.

We pride ourselves in providing our services to the customers on every stage of the investment, from the project plan and the very first design concepts, until the execution of the most efficient solutions and finally the support services on keeping the fleet in great shape during its utilization.

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Real knowledge and decades-long experience cannot be fabricated or replaced. We employ some of the most acknowledged naval designers and engineers in Poland – their supervision is the guarantee for the quality of our work.

Learn more about our key experts and their own fields of unique expertise that they have brought to NED-Project.

Prof. Andrzej Lerch
Ship architect and designer. During more than 50 years of professional work, including abroad, he has designed more than 160 vessels of various types, widely acknowledged among shipowners, users and fellow designers. Since 1997 he has been teaching new generations of professionals at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdańsk, and in 2002 became a full professor.

Mr. Jerzy Pietrzak
Technical director and naval architect. In 1991 he had founded Shipproject PPU and since then he been gathering and teaching the best specialists, who later became the heart of our office. During his long career, he has led and supervised many successful projects - which he still does today, making sure that every design that leaves the office is refined and professional.

Mr. Stanisław Domagałło
Ship architect and designer. As Chief Designer in the Szczecin Shipyard, he designed various types of vessels, including the new ropax for Unity Line or the NEFTEGAS AHTS series. In 2012 he joined NED-Project, where he shares his knowledge in wind-offshore, ropax, and heavy cargo vessel fields. His expertise is a key advantage during our company's major undertakings, such as Costa Concordia salvage operation or Albatross conversion.
People are the heart and and the greatest asset of the NED Project.

We employ some of the most experienced designers and engineers in Poland, which convey their knowledge to the rest of the crew, contributing to the benefit and the development of the company and working on the most efficient and innovative solutions.
We provide our services globally to the shipowners and operators, offshore companies and shipyards, inventing solutions perfectly adjusted to their needs.

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