At NED-Project, experienced specialists provide proven solutions in all aspects of ship design and construction. With our deep understanding of marine fundamentals and best software we are able to consult each marine project on its every stage, including planning, design, development, supervision on the construction site, or even salvage.

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Investment planning

Planning ahead is fundamental for a successful and secure design process. By learning and improving the best management practices from international multidisciplinary companies, we have become a leader in the field.

Decades-long experience in providing engineering services, both in the design and construction process, and the modernization of ships, is one of our most important assets. Using that, we help to identify the customer’s main goals and plan the scope of work, control the budget, and plan the key phases and milestones of the project accordingly.

For the planning tasks, we use Wayman – the dedicated tool for cost, schedule and progress control. Regardless of the scale of the project, it enables us to act quickly and accurately, optimize resources, increase efficiency, and quickly produce relevant reports for our customers.



Unique projects determine the strength of the NED Project. The combination of chief designers’ experience, hard work of the whole team and utilization of top-notch technology allows us to deliver the highest quality products.

Initial and concept design:

  • Technical Specifications,
  • Concept Design Drawings,
  • Hull Form Definition,
  • Weight Estimation,
  • Intact and Damage Stability Assesment,
  • Speed and propulsion analysis,
  • Procurement support.

Basic designclass drawings and reports including:

  • General design,
  • Hull & structure,
  • Outfitting & deck equipment,
  • Systems,
  • Electrical.

Workshop design:

  • Detail design model,
  • Detail design drawings,
  • Nesting,
  • Material waste management.

Other services:

  • CFD analysis,
  • FEM nalysis.

On-site Services

Our experts around the world assist our customer’s investments to ensure the required quality, timely delivery, and expected costs. Our services include shipyard audit, supervision on board, laser scanning, and many more.

We have experts ready to work worldwide. Our main focus is to provide the highest quality services and protect the interests of our customers. Maintaining strong relationships with customers and partners in the maritime industry helps us to operate efficiently in many sectors, including Shipbuilding, Salvage, and Offshore.

Our engineers and partners provide services such as:

  • Supervision / Inspection on board,
  • Inventory and cost estimation,
  • Client representation on site,
  • Full support in the approval process and class surveys,
  • Laser scanning,
  • Lightweight / Inclining tests.


During projects such as Costa Concordia Wreck Removal, NED-Project has demonstrated its competence and became recognized as an expert partner in salvage operations.

By our operations in this sector, we have acquired a unique set of skills and became recognized as a reliable partner in salvage projects.

Our services in this area include:

  • Document control;
  • Engineering support;
  • Simulations, visualizations;
  • Drawings, plans.

In order to expand the range of services, we work together with our partners from Brand Marine Consultants.

Services available with their participation:

  • Casualty investigation,
  • Casualty Management,
  • Expert Witness Services.

Offshore & Wind Energy

We offer products and services that meet the high requirements of today’s Offshore and Wind Energy field. The scope of our work includes engineering support, analyses and calculations, and offshore support vessel design.

Offshore industry requires specialized skills and knowledge. We have gained them by working on several oil platform projects for Polish and German customers and by developing our original concepts. We offer products and services that meet the expectations of every Offshore and Wind Energy customer.

The range of services includes:

  • Engineering Support,
  • Structure and stability analyses and calculations for the offshore vessels,
  • Support and supply units design.


Retrofit & Regulatory Compliance

Using state-of-the-art BIM tools, laser scanning and VR technology, we provide expert Retrofit & Regulatory Compliance services.

Experience gained in the implementation of more than 60 projects of the installation Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems (ECGS) and Water Ballast Treatment Sytems (WBTS) allowed us to create our own path of project implementation. Using state-of-the-art BIM tools, laser scanning, VR technology and the work of engineers and experts, we protect the interests of our customers by ensuring appropriate quality and timeliness. Typical scope of work includes:

  • Laser scanning;
  • Feasibility study – with report,
  • Technical design,
  • Approval process,
  • Initial material list for procurement,
  • Detail design.

NED-Project, in collaboration with the University of Southhampton, has developed its own tool allowing to reproduce hull shape in high quality, based on point cloud computing. The result is a 3D model of the hull shape that can be quickly converted into a 2D drawing.


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